The Synchronicity Police is a Police tribute band like no other.

The band was born in Adelaide, South Australia out of an obsessive passion by long time Police fans, Corey, Dave and Greg for all things Police and Sting.

The Synchronicity Police faithfully reproduce the live experience that is THE POLICE. Recreating all of the classic Police hits in a 2 hour live show that will have you screaming for more.

The Synchronicity Police posses the same raw energy, power and intensity that must be experienced by any POLICE fan.

Corey's vocals are so close to the real thing, you will be spellbound from the beginning.
Dave has mastered the Copeland sound and style to perfection, not to mention the impressive Drum kit complete with octobans.
Greg has nailed the Andy Summers guitar tone, complete with guitars and effects pedals that were used by Andy to recreate his signature sound. 
Together, they bring you the best POLICE TRIBUTE SHOW you will see and hear!

Faster Louder Adelaide Fringe Review 2011 
There is a strong difference between a cover band and a tribute band; cover bands usually pump out the latest Top 40 rubbish for the drunken rabble that is a crowd, while tribute bands concentrate on one worthwhile act and give 100% to detail. If they didn’t the fans would crucify them!
The original Police weren’t around as long as many people would believe, considering they are still a staple diet on FM radio today. They formed in 1977 and broke up in 1984 and in this time they released five hit albums. They recently reformed in 2007 and toured the world.
Tonight’s tribute lasted a massive two hours and was a great mix of hits and lesser known album tracks. Opening with one of their best tracks Synchronicity II it was soon clear these three 40-something guys loved the original band when they were teenagers. While bassist/singer Corey Stewart I doubt would be into tantric sex like the real Sting, he could bang out a good note or two. The band continued with the hits Walking On The Moon, Don’t Stand So Close To Me, Wrapped Around Your Finger and Invisible Sun with vigour and they didn’t sway to far from the original recordings. Lesser know songs Hole In My Life and a medley of Be My Girl/Driven To Tears were great to hear, showing the band have done their homework on the album tracks. A brilliant version of King Of Pain rounded off the first set.
After a short drinks break, the band came back to bang out hit after hit. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic started of the set while fellow band members Greg Adamopoulos on guitar showed off his arsenal of pedals on Message In A Bottle and drummer Dave Branton sent a clear warning to Stewart Copeland as he displayed some amazing drumming during Can’t Stand Losing You.
The set ended with the obvious choices of Roxanne, Every Breath You Take and So Lonely, but what else would you want to end a brilliant set with?

© 2015 The Synchronicity Police